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Cherry's October 2014 Update

First of all I would like to apologise for the lack of communication through this website over the last 10 months. On 8th December 2013, I lost my husband, Perry Harris, to a massive heart attack and it has taken me some time to reach a point where I can continue with the Trust and think about what happens next. Perry was my rock and always there to lend an ear, a shoulder or a hand and I miss him dearly.

All these terrible events in my life have not only taken their toll on me and the family, but have also made me think long and hard about how to move the trust forward and stay true to her memory. The death of my husband Perry made me think long and hard about what we can, practically achieve.

It really does not look like we have a realistic chance of raising enough funds to create an entire woodland ourselves. For this reason, I have been thinking how to move forward with the trust without betraying our original plans and thoughts.

I have discovered that Milton Keynes has at least two community orchards, one of which has already agreed to allow us to plant one or two fruit trees and even possibly add a bench. If I can find more community orchards in the area (or within a few miles of Milton Keynes), I propose to use the funds that have been raised here to add to these orchards and thus enhance the idea of local people gathering local fruit, just as Suki did. It seems to me that this is even more of a tribute to Suki than just planting a woodland would be as it is about food for free, home crafts and nature all in one.

I also intend to contact the Parks Trust and ask if they have any intentions of planting any fruit trees on new estates in the near future. If so, some of the money we have raised could go towards this.

Although this is not exactly what the trust first set out to do, I am sure that all the people who donated to it will understand the reason for this slight change of direction. If you read this and have any further thoughts please get in touch.

Suki loved the diversity of fruit that was available and made jams and chutneys from what she was able to glean for free from hedgerows. She would, I am sure, appreciate this change of direction plus she can be remembered all over Milton Keynes and not just in one place.

Cherry Harris 19-10-2014

About Suki & the Trust

Suki was an inspiration to others as, through her web presence she offered help and support to many, many e-friends.

As her parents we were stunned at how many people's lives she touched and how many friends she had made in the world through her generosity.

We asked those friends if they could think of a fitting tribute to celebrate her life and what she wanted for herself, others and the world itself... and from those conversations we came up with this idea... to create woodland in her memory.

The woodland not only has to put the needs of the natural world first, but also ensure that it maximises recycling and good use of resources.

Moreover, it must be accessible to everyone, particularly those with mobility problems that she understood all too well from personal experience.

As well as being accessible Suki would have loved it to have plenty of fruiting trees that ANYONE will be welcome to pick from. So we intend to combine the natural world with free food and plant plenty of native fruit and nut trees and ensure there are areas where bramble will grow and make sure there are suitable areas for native edible fungi.

We hope this tribute will inspire others and we hope readers of this website will feel able to contribute to our modest fund so we can buy a small piece of land and create that woodland for her and you...

Because we believe that...

To live in the hearts we leave behind
Is not to die

~Thomas Campbell....